Dirk Niblick of the Math Brigade

Summary Edit

Dirk Niblick of the Math Brigade is a cartoon segment on the PBS show Square One TV.

Plot Edit

The title character, Lt. Dirk Niblick, is tasked in each segment with helping friends through practical dilemmas through the use of mathematics. Episodes frequently center on outsmarting scam artists who use deceptive language to attempt to trick the protagonists out of money or property. Most episodes also feature Dirk having one or more telephone conversations with his mother. Supporting characters on the show include Dirk's two young friends, the brother-and-sister pair Fluff and Fold Noodleman, and Dirk's neighbor, Mr. Beasley. The Dirk Niblick segments are similar in appearance to the 1965 cartoon Roger Ramjet. This is because Fred Crippen animated for both, and Gary Owens voiced both title characters. The show was revived on Noggin for a few years before Noggin became half Nick Jr., half The N.

Cast Edit

  • Gary Owens — Dirk Niblick
  • Bob Arbogast — Mr. Beasley, additional voices
  • Joan Gerber — Fluff Noodleman, additional voices
  • Gene Moss — Fold Noodleman, additional voices
  • Jim Thurman — additional voices